50A 25FT RV Power Extension Cord 14-50P to SS2-50R (Safety Yellow), Twist Locking, Black Grip Handle w/Power Indicator

  • $174.97

The Journeyman-Pro Series RV/EV - 4 Prong Campsite & Marine/Shore Duty Ready Power Cords Features:

✔ Extra Thick Construction that WON'T CRACK in high abuse applications.

✔ Open Handle Grip design that allows you to run cable or chain lock through to secure to prevent theft.

✔ Indoor/Outdoor Rated

✔ Multiple Length Options; 25ft 50ft foot long.

✔ LED Power Indicator Light on Female End

✔ Perfect for use with supplying power from Generators, Pedestal Stations, garage receptacle/outlet to your Marine/Boat, Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Recreational Vehicle, Camper, or Popup Trailer

Safety Yellow - Easier to see in the dark, helps prevent tripping or driving over. Also bright color reflects more UV light thus being cooler to the touch and not overheating under heavy load conditions.

Detailed Specifications:

Length: 25 or 50 ft.

Color: Black Plug Ends and Yellow Safety Cord

Cable:  STW, 6/3 + 8/1 gauge, 100% copper

Voltage: 125/250 Volts

Amperage: 50 Amp

NEMA: 14-50P, SS 2-50R

Material:  PVC and Copper

Certification: cETL-us listed (approved for USA & Canada)

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