Generator Transfer Switch for Gas Furnace, Oil Heater & Pumps Easy DIY Install Kit, (1 or 2 Circuit) Manual 125V-15A, 1875 Watt

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  • SIMPLE - Use on any 15 Amp 120-volt circuit, natural/propane gas furnace, boiler, freezer.
  • EASY DIY - Pre-wired with 18" Flex Conduit with hardware needed for most installs
  • UNIVERSAL - Works with all Generators, Inverter Battery Backup or Solar Power Systems
  • SAVE GAS - Power only what you need and use a smaller generator that sips gas!
  • RELIABLE - Anyone who can start a Generator can use this! Stay Prepared for "The Next Storm"

Transfer Switch + Mounting/Wiring Hardware, 18" Flex with Straight & 90 Degree Connector + 4' total length 14 AWG Wiring.
The HTS15 transfer switch allows for smaller & quieter generators to be used. If you have the HTS15 installed only on your gas furnace, it would allow you to only need a generator large enough to handle that load. For example, most gas furnaces draw less than 500 Watts running, so a large generator won't be necessary.

Your thermostat will still turn your furnace on/off as it normally would after startup of your furnace you can plug lights & accessories into the generator while your house warms back up.

Most people can run their small generator for less than an hour for all their needs, and use a fraction of the gas & noise of a large generator. During an extensive power outage you can keep your family happy with a warm home and your food safe on just a few gallons of gas.

Our transfer switch was designed to be used by the new inverter generators to power High Efficiency gas furnaces, we Guarantee it will work with your setup and have yet to have one returned due to not being compatible with any equipment.

The transfer switch comes all ready for install, with 18” of flexible conduit, hardware kit and only 5 wires to hook up! Our step by step installer guide makes it easy for anyone to install it themselves

To use simply plug a standard 15 amp extension cord into the power outlet on your generator and into the built-in plug on the transfer switch, Flip the switch from Main Line to Gen Plug and now your running your equipment off the generator, it's that easy!

Safe and easy for anyone in the family to use, don’t go through another power outage without heat.

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