L5-30P to Triple 5-15R Generator Power Cord Adapter | 30A to 15A/110V 3-Way Splitter | Twist Lock | 3-Prong Distribution Cords

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Journeyman Pro's 125 VAC 30AMP to 15AMP Generator 3way Adapter Cord with THREE 5-15 (15 amp) outlets built-in - power up 1875 Watts

Compatible with any, types of standard or inverter rated generators with Twist Lock Receptacle (L5-30), converts to (3) 120v (NEMA 5-15R) Outlets/Receptacles.

△ For Recreational RV/Temporary Use Only!.


✔ MALE Side: NEMA L5-30P Plug Connector
✔ FEMALE Side: Triple NEMA 5-15 with 12/3 AWG STW Extension Cord
✔ LENGTH – 2' Feet Total Length End to End
✔ OUTPUT - 125V Volt AC @ 1875 Watts Running (2,500 Watts Starting)
✔ Lifetime No B.S. Manufacturer Warranty

Journeyman-Pro makes the highest quality rated electric adapters, power-cords & accessories for camping, Rving, travel camper trailers. Our dog bone conversion Tri-Outlets use cold weather rated double insulated 12/3 wire.

Rated for 110,120,130 VAC. 30M (Twist Lock L530P) to 15F (Straight Blade 515R) House Outlet converter male to female adapters. Can be used for Shore or Marine power for boats, trailer or camper.