Adapter Electrical Power Plug Converter Cord Cable with LED Indicator Light Grip Handle (15 AMP Male 5-15P to 30 AMP Female TT-30R) (ADC-515P/TT30R)

  • $29.97

  • ✔ LONGER – 24 Inch adapter cord is 50% Longer than others making it more adaptable to the variety of RV Power Stations you’ll come across
  • ✔ MAX POWER -100% Copper Wiring. 30 AMP (TT-30P) Male to 50 AMP (14-50P) Female | Rated for 30 Amps, 125 Volts and 3750 Watts
  • ✔ POWER INDICATING – Bright LED Light in Female End provides proof power is available
  • ✔ SECURITY- Stainless Steel Ring allows you to run a cable lock through to prevent theft or loss. Heavy Duty double insulated & heat resistant PVC cover protects from outdoor elements, wear and tear.
  • ✔ PRO'S CHOICE! - Heavy Duty Double Insulated & Heat Resistant Materials protects from outdoor elements, wear and tear with Lifetime No-B.S. Warranty!